“Everyone farts – even the best of us. All farts are unsavoury but each unsavory fart is unsavory in its own sway. Each fart is sui generis – it’s the most telling, most exquisite release of your being at a moment of poignant vulnerability.

At, we let you share your farts with your family, friends and frenemies. With our state of the fart technology, you can capture the essence of your fart for posterity. A fart is never just an olfactory experience. In its splendid entirety, a fart is visual (a fart-face being just as baffling as a cum-face), tactile (as an imperceptible draft of wind on your face), gustatory (a synesthetic surprise on your tongue) and of course, auditory (a cathartic release is an avant-garde music). It’s also a visceral experience whereupon you sense a universe expanding in your rump. Continue reading

Of escalations and pink slips…

I scanned through the email, for the third time. If anything, upon the third read my stomach sank further into unimaginable pits of fear. Wow, I wished I could die, right about then. Get swallowed by the 13th floor of my building, and be pulled into the bottomless pits of hell.

Because, seriously, hell was way better than working for Dell.

I stood up, with my head reeling over the enormity of the escalation, just as “Priya – the bitch” aka “My manager” walked up to me and spat, “Anu, we need to have a talk, meet me in my cabin, NOW!” Continue reading

Boy Toy

“Oh God,” I think to myself, curled up in a fetal position, with my elbows touching my knees and my couch gobbling me up, with its big fat unaligned cushions, one of which, is a gentle kick away from falling down.

The tribes of rare African lands, are drawing symbols out of human skulls, bones and bloods, on national geographic and I have been staring at it, before all else, for twenty long minutes. The first five of which, were captivating, by the tenth, it was disgusting, by the fifteenth, I had to look away and chew a candy bar to better my taste, but now, at this moment, my eyes cringe, even if I shut them tight.toy-1526947

“I mean, can you believe this? This is absolutely horrendous.” I bark. Continue reading