The Hollow

The Hollow comes crawling up to you in the dead of the night,

A night when you are tucked in safe, when you sleep amidst the memories of mommy singing you a lullaby.

A night, when you thank God for the warm duvet you have to snuggle.

A night when comfort is the soft yellow light, shining outside.

A night when the sturdy lock on your main door, lulls you into thinking you are safe.


The Hollow lies in wait,

Sometimes in your closet,

Sometimes on the branch of a tree outside your window,

Sometimes in dark corners of the passage,

Sometimes peeking through the keyhole of your main door.

The Hollow lies in wait,

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I mean, what I mean is …

I wouldn’t say I have been great lately and I mean, I have not been myself, but that’s not where I am getting at, for that’s an entirely different story. What I mean is, that sometimes, the line between my dreams and reality is so blurred, that I am not sure, which side (of the two) I am going to wake up the next morning.

For instance, two weeks ago on a Saturday (I think it was a Saturday), I was at the liquor mart.  And next to me, clothed in crushed trousers,  was a man with a purple hat in his early fifties, peeking through the wine cellar; wine browsing, like some say. Now you’d argue, why a fifty year old man would wear a purple hat? Honestly, I don’t know, and honestly, I don’t care, and honestly, it’s not important or something that I am getting at. Anyway, I am someone, who goes for the cheapest one on the rack. So I crossed him out of my turn, mostly because I was in a hurry, but also because I knew what I really wanted. It was impolite, yes, but the oldie was taking too much of my time that I did not have.


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