Daddy, check for monsters beneath my bed!



I began tucking him into his bed and he tells me, “Daddy, check for monsters beneath my bed!” He was a brave kid, never scared of anything but maybe he too was picking up on the atmosphere of the house. His wide watery eyes stared at me as if to confirm my suspicions. My legs began to shiver and I had to take a dry gulp. I almost ran out of his room, but you never let you child know you are too afraid to look beneath his bed! Continue reading


THE GHOST WALK and tales of terror …

It took a while, but we made it happen and it’s just a start.  More will follow.

Our first book, THE GHOST WALK and tales of terror … (a horror anthology) is out, and ready for grabs. Buy it here

The ghost walk_Create Space_Cover

About The Ghost of Walk and tales of terror:

“The Ghost Walk & tales of terror” is a collection of short horror stories that capture the fears and horrors borne out of the contemporary Indian mind. From the ghost walk of first year grad students to a hallucinating artist creating a masterpiece. From a quarreling couple driving to a disaster to children playing with faceless dolls. Continue reading