Welcome to LitLatte

We are a group of aspiring writers, who take pleasure in appreciating the beauty of narration and thrive on learning the craft of writing with each passing day.

So, if you walk into a coffee shop in Bangalore on a weekend and come across a bunch of people arguing whether a particular story should be written from an omniscient or a third person point of view, or debating how inappropriate a semi colon is in a particular sentence or throwing a fit about having enough conflict in a scene (ironic, huh), that’s us!

Hey! but good literature takes a lot of hard work and umm…shouting and arguing…and conflict and lot’s of coffee…like a whole lot of coffee!

Thanks to conflict and coffee, we have some great stories for you. So relax and get yourself a hot cuppa joe (when you meet us, we promise the latte’s are on us) and enjoy some of our writing.


13 thoughts on “Welcome to LitLatte

  1. Hey guys,

    Read some of your writings..loved those.. And your podcasts are interesting – considering those are the first ones i have ever listened to…

    Since you asked the listeners to come up with something for you guys to do, i’m planning to give you one.

    Come up with a new language. Invent a completely new one. That should be fun and rattle your minds pretty good. And i would love to listen to your experience while coming up with one. Hoping to listen to that in your new podcast. Keep up the good work guys


  2. Hi Storm Rage,

    Thank you for commenting (keep them coming). We are glad you like our writing 🙂

    And thank you for your suggestion, however, we aren’t really clear on what you mean by, “come up with a new language”.

    Could you elaborate on that?



  3. Hey,

    That was quick reply. 🙂

    well coming up with a new language -> like an entirely new one as we have in avatar or like the Dothraki language in GOT.


  4. I’m new to this site, and I must say, the writing is very good. I’m working on writing beautiful pieces like you guys have wrote. I feel like I’m nowhere close to the skill level you guys are at. I’m working on getting there.

    Thank you for sharing these stories. I look forward to reading more.


    1. Hello there!

      Thanks for the compliment.
      We are glad to have you as a reader and we look forward to receiving more feedback on our writing.

      You can also follow LitLatte on Facebook and Twitter, by just searching the name.

      Please keep reading and sharing.

      Litlatte, Team


  5. Thanks for recently visiting my blog site. The best to you all in your writing and craft. I too have worked at it for many years, and there is still so much to learn. I’m thankful to have some good published mentors to help me through it. May you all be an inspiration to whomever you write for and those who read you. I too, have to have my morning fix with a couple cups of ‘joe’, or better yet, a ‘latte’ topped with a dollop of whipped cream. 🙂 Cheers.


  6. Hello to Bangalore, India, from South Carolina, USA! Thank you for visiting my humble blog. I’ve been published for many years, but I can sure identify with all of you as you work toward publication. It’s a “hard row to hoe”, as the saying goes. I wish you all the best of luck and good wishes. 🙂


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