Write Club Magazine – Edition 11

The Chronicles of Jim and other stories” marks the eleventh edition of Write Club Bangalore Magazine. You can read it for free under Kindle Unlimited, if not, it is just INR 49.

It starts with a darkly disturbing series of diary entries, by a troubled young man in “The Chronicles of Jim, written by Ashwin Kumar.

Moves on to the riveting Mythological Fiction called “Monster” written by Write Club, Bangalore’s recent enviable talent, Yedu Bose.

The series of stories then takes a dramatic turn and entices us into Romance with Kartik Patiar’s, “The Hot Cup of Cappuccino”.

Of course, now that you have read mythology, psychological horror and romance, you wonder what else does this book have to offer. And we don’t disappoint you with Anjali Torgal‘s fantasy/sci-fi short, “The Tree Whisperer”.

Since, we can’t get enough of sci-fi, we have ensured you get enough of it. Read on to “The Sporulation of Sarpanch Sam”, by, undeniably, our favourite writer Pavan Kumar. If you can’t get enough of Pavan here, follow him on Instagram for his surreal poetry.

Now that we have set the atmosphere of strange, it is time to bring out the big horror guns, with Amel Rahman‘s “No Cats”.

You must be wondering about how twisted we are, with just one romance and everything else is horror and fantasy. No, we are not twisted, at least not much. We do love a good splattering of romance in our imaginary worlds. So, read on to get your mushy on, with Isha Shukla’s “The Stone Bench”.

What did I tell you about our obsession with a good sci-fi?

Ankit Jha, our resident writer, editor and compiler, delights us with this fantasy/sci-fi short called “Wrath of Gods”.

Next up is “The Diary of a Womb”, a socially conscious piece about the conversations of an unborn girl with her male twin, general fiction by Nidhi Srivastava.

Finally, to end this embroiling book is a story written by me, “Raja and Mia”, about a young tiger’s love for his keeper. Genre: Drama.

Read an excerpt here.

“Raja pauses between his prowl and perks up his ears to listen to the faint grating sound from where the rhinos slumber, in their muddy pool of water. Raja wonders if Mia decided to visit the rhinos before him. But then decides against it, when he hears Mia’s laughter coming from the other direction. He knows now, that she is feeding the monkeys, only they could make her laugh like that.

Raja slows down his prowl, patiently waiting for Mia to saunter into his cage with huge slabs of beef and invite him out for his nightly walk around the Zoo. Raja wonders what is taking her so long, his stomach grumbles and he wishes he were near the gazelle enclosure.

Since the days he was a cub the zebras and gazelles always smelled like food. He decides, that if ever, the time comes, when Mia is late with his dinner, of all the ten gazelles he would eat the one Mia calls Tiki, last. He likes the way Tiki bounds about the grassy enclosure, and comes as close to the boundary wall as she can, to smell Raja. Even though her fragrance makes him hungry again, every single night, he likes the way her eyes look at him.”

One thought on “Write Club Magazine – Edition 11

  1. An interesting excerpt and very well written fiction which hooks and the choice of words or expression is already a winner. Many congrats for coming up with this varied and diverse stories bearing the imprint of several authors.

    Liked by 1 person

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