The Duel of Derika

Derika dragged her feet and groaned as she glimpsed the looming shadow of the arena. It’s massive iron gates slowly, reluctantly, grated open, perhaps as reluctant to let Derika in, as she was to get into the arena.

Her father walked, proud next to Derika, a whole five inches shorter that her.

The duel was set and Derika was expected to defeat the mighty Amazonian Princess, Ina, if she every hoped to marry Prince Sebastian. And to be honest, Derika was more than happy to lose that match. It wasn’t that Derika had anything against the idea of marriage, but then it was against the idea of marrying Prince Sebastian.

She walked into the arena, just as thunderous applause rose all around her. Chants of ‘Derika’ ‘Derika’ roared in all directions and a shiver passed through her bones.

Would she…would she really lose a duel on purpose and let her people down? She thought. But then her train of thoughts was interrupted.

“Oh my liege”, said the Inn Keeper who also moonlighted as her family’s professional ass licker, “My liege, with legs as strong as a thousand donkeys, hair as long as the longest serpents and lips as thick as a baboon’s ass. What wondrous thoughts run through that tiny, delicate mind of yours?”



Derika often wondered how competent was their professional ass licker was in actual ass licking, because she had her own doubts about his competencies.

“I’m not sure about this fight, Inn Keeper. Do I really have to? Can’t the benevolent Princess Derika let Ina, the Amazonian Princess, have Prince Sebastian?” she said.

“But petite brained, Princess Derika, do you see the crowd? Every single one of them has paid for the tickets with either their lives savings, or their organs. Now, how can the benevolent Princess deny them, their one arm’s worth?” He whispered, his tongue, almost lapping up Derika’s ear lobe. A pungent smell of pork, chocolate Ice cream and garlic wafted near her nose and she almost gagged.

She roamed her eyes across the crowd and the Inn Keeper was right. She did see hundreds without an arm, an eye or an ear. She sighed; she owed this duel to her kingdom.

She pulled out the two serrated edged swords, sheathed at her waist. And howled a battle cry for Ina to step out of whichever cave she was hiding in.

And then she turned to look at Prince Sebastian, who sat ahead of every single one of her people, right at the barricade, surrounded by his posse of ass lickers. Who, Derika was positive, did a much better job than the Inn Keeper.

The first thing she noticed, one she always did, was the hairy wart that covered almost whole of the tip of his nose. Long luscious, red hair grew out of the wart, almost touching his upper lip, that was smeared in mustard sauce, and garlic bread.

When he noticed Derika looking towards him, he raised his right hand’s pinky finger and proceeded to scratch his right ear, while he closed his eyes and moaned in pure ecstasy. He then brought the finger near his mouth and tasted the wax that secreted out of his ear. Once done, he nodded in approval and flicked the rest of the wax towards Derika.

Derika gagged again, and this time she was about to puke, when her eyes fell on Ina, the Amazonian Princess. She had been so fascinated watching Prince Sebastian that she forgot to notice when Ina walked into the arena.

Ina stood almost a foot taller than Derika, and boasted the legs of a body builder. The fine hairs that covered almost every inch of her muscular legs bristled in the chill, or perhaps in the moment that Ina’s eyes met Derika’s.

Derika allowed herself the luxury to roam Ina’s body; from her hairy legs to her flat eight pack abs. That was surprisingly devoid of hair, except maybe the tuft of fuzzy blonde hanging out of her navel.

She gazed at Ina’s heavy breasts that were barely covered by the armor, and licked her lips. Derika’s gaze roamed to her face with its angular jaws, and long aquiline nose.

The moment when Derika’s deep brown eyes, met those of Ina’s sea green, her underwear beneath her armor was suddenly wet and she realized she hadn’t felt that way for anyone before, definitely not Sebastian. Derika knew that for the first time in her life, she was in love.

And it became all the more important, that neither of them win the match. Because Derika would rather die, than have her love, suffer through marriage with Prince Sebastian.

The gong for the fight to begin rang, and Derika launched a rapid attack on Ina. She jumped high in the air, and landed smack on Ina’s broad shoulders. Ina roared in fury as she twisted and turned to get Derika off her shoulders, but Derika held on to her soft blonde hair tightly, although not enough to pull bloody clumps out.

In her struggles Ina fell on the ground and Derika landed flat on Ina. Ina’s face trapped between Derika’s legs and Derika’s lips almost touching Ina’s vagina.

Derika heard Ina take a sharp breath, and she took that opportunity to bury her face inside Ina and smell her essence. It was wet, perhaps as wet as Derika’s. It smelled woodsy, like a forest, perhaps rotting a little at the core, yet with a hint of freshness. Derika lowered her hips so that her Ina’s face was buried in her vagina.

Watching Derika smother Ina’s face between her legs the crowd went crazy, hoots, whistles, panties were thrown at Ina and Derika. The gong rang again, reminding Derika and Ina to resume the fight.

Ina managed to squeeze her face out from Derika’s legs and free her hands. She then screamed and held Derika’s legs, she squeezed them tightly and lifted Derika. In the blink of an eye, she threw Derika almost ten feet away on the ground. The impact hit Derika right on her back and for a moment she saw stars. But then she was back on her feet, and the crowd roared again for their warrior Princess.

As soon as Derika was on her feet, she saw Ina lunging at her, and within a second they were rolling on the ground with Ina’s face buried in Derika’s ample cleavage and Derika’s knee kneading Ina’s vagina.

They rolled like that as the crowd cheered them on and more panties were thrown at them. As they came to a halt, Derika realized that she was on top. She used that opportunity to get up and allowed Ina to roll away.

A moment later Ina stood almost fifty yards away from Derika, with her back to Prince Sebastian.

Ina looked at Derika, her eyes clouding with desire and the hint of a smile playing on her thin, scarred lips. A message passed through them, Derika knew Ina felt the same way about her, as she did about Ina.

The decision was made, she couldn’t disappoint her kingdom, she could take the death away from them that they had paid an arm to watch.

Derika unsheathed her sword and aimed, she raised it above her head and threw the sword, it flew at Ina, as the crowd sucked in its breath and watched the trajectory of the sword. Not a peep squeaked from the crowd as the serrated sword swung over Ina’s head, nearly touching her hair and then buried itself in the neck of Prince Sebastian, just as he ate cheesy nachos.


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