What Else Do You See?

Saw him in a Jason Mask at the Halloween party last week, walked over and greeted, “Hi”, but there was no response. “So … ”, I said, from under my devil’s mask, my pitch trying to cut through the stereo woofing by the window, “I am Zach and you are?”

He walked away, out through the main door and disappeared somewhere near the driveway.

Called my girlfriend, “Sweetie, come over here”, she came close, half tipsy, breath smelling like vodka and cigarette, tail wagging like Catwoman, “Do you know who came to our party in a Jason Mask?”download

“In a what?”

“In a Jason Mask”

“What’s that? Are you drunk?”

“I am not drunk,” I said, pulled off my Devil’s mask and kept it on the corner table, “You are drunk … and Jason Mask is … have you not seen Friday the 13th?”

“No I haven not seen Friday the 13th and go to bed, you are drunk.” She said.

“You go to bed,” I said.

We both went to bed, had sex, came out of the room, most of the people had left.

Kristy was on the couch, head hanging low, eyes closed and was drooling heavily. Did she OD?

“Kristy, are you okay? Kristy, are you okay darling?”

“She is fine. Just drunk”, girlfriend said.

“Okay then, let’s put her in a cab and send her home, and wait a fucking minute …”I said, looking through the window, “how the hell did my Devil’s mask get that high up on the tree?”

“What tree?”

“The tree outside Jen!”

“We don’t have a fucking tree, Zach.”

“Yea? So how the hell am I seeing one right now?”

“Jesus! Zach” She said like she resented me. “Are you on those pills again, sweetie?”

I kept quiet.

Next, we carried Kristy to the cab, “Be safe!”

Couldn’t see driver’s face. Plus he had a mask on. Halloween it was. But once he took a right turn at the driveway, I figured, he had a Jason Mask.

“Did you see that, Jen?”

“Did I see what?”

“The driver is that guy with the Jason Mask.”

“You need to stop freaking out! The guy did not have a mask. Besides what else do you see? A haunted house? Slicing knives? Piles of dead bodies? A machete being dragged? Like, stop taking those pills goddammit!”

“Fine! Fuck! Fine!” Came inside the house.

“Zach, listen, we are out of booze. I will go get some from the gas station. They have it open till late.  I will be back in a minute. Stay home. Watch TV or something. But stop freaking out. Okay? I love you.”

I sat on the couch, opened a beer. The Devil’s mask hanging from the tree stared at me. Closed the window, pulled the curtains. Switched on all the lights. Switched on the TV, put it on loud. Called up Jen.

“How much longer?”

“I am on my way. Will be there in a sec.”

I hung up. Opened another beer. Put on some music. Someone knocked.

Did Jen forget the keys?

“Who is this?”

“Your paranoia” a voice answered.

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