Daddy, check for monsters beneath my bed!



I began tucking him into his bed and he tells me, “Daddy, check for monsters beneath my bed!” He was a brave kid, never scared of anything but maybe he too was picking up on the atmosphere of the house. His wide watery eyes stared at me as if to confirm my suspicions. My legs began to shiver and I had to take a dry gulp. I almost ran out of his room, but you never let you child know you are too afraid to look beneath his bed!

I glared at him as if scolding him for his cowardice. But in fact it felt like
my heart was about to give way and I was about to be knocked out. That would actually be a welcome escape in the situation. I knelt beside his bed and looking him in the eyes said, “Ok, I will check this one time, but you should be more brave from now on!” I tried to sound reassuring but I was lost, I wanted to pick him up and dash out of the house.

I was convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that the thing in the next room was not my wife anymore. What was she? I did not know, an alien or a demon from hell? A ghost or a vampire thirsty for my child’s blood? I did not know and it did not matter. What I knew for sure was that my wife was dead and this monstrosity had flawlessly replaced her. It had taken me months to realize something was even different about her. And I would have never really suspected something was amiss if I had not caught her in the bathroom earlier today.

Why had she not locked the bathroom door? I would rather be dead than to have seen what I saw when I accidentally opened the door! There she was, sitting stark naked on the bathroom floor, in a pool of her own blood. And in her hand was a…a half eaten fetus. As I watched she gave me the same naughty stare she did in bed and in a single gulp slurped up the rest of the fetus slurping on the tiny feet.She stared at me as she mouthed a single word, “yummy!”. I slammed the door on her.

What was she? How many of them were there? What did they want? I could only think of saving my son. I had to get him out of this place. By any means necessary, even if it meant killing the monstrosity in my bed.

There was nothing under the bed. That was a small relief. I could reassure him that he would be safe for the night. I got up to tell him everything would be fine.

He knelt on his bed, his wide watery eyes staring straight at me, “Good night, daddy!” he said in a calm voice. I never really saw the knife flash through the air as it sliced my throat. I could feel my warm blood, flowing in a torrent, wetting my pajamas, his bed.

He just sat there looking innocent a pleasant smile on his face. My wife entered the room, beaming with pride for what her son had done. Then I walked into the room.
Somehow I knew this other me was going to be happier than I had ever been! I smiled at myself.

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