With love…from Eden

Across the road, thousands bustling by the busy street, light snow trickling down the sky, her eyes met his. A moment of vast nothingness where all stood still, an eternity flashed them by, and she blinked. She blinked.

His lips twitched in an uncertain smile.

The eyes were old, they were wise with knowledge of her, a lost soul seeking the comfort of home. Home in each other.

Her foot shook and etched towards him, his tremulous smile an invitation to join him. Explore the tethering thin golden rope that connected their souls. Souls that knew memories from lifetimes ago.

My Love

Her thoughts reverberated, over an over again.

My Love

He cocked his head sideways, realisation spreading across him with the knowledge of her thoughts. His lips widened in a large smile, because he knew her contemplation was right. She was his, she belonged to him. His soul had claimed her epochs ago.

His eyes held her. She still carried that magic about her, the tragedy that always surrounded her from eons ago. She was his mirror, he was her devourer. He silently willed her to move, his enigma strong and the emptiness inside her, a gaping hole; visible to anyone who bothered to look.

He was the answer, he was home, and she was dying to be home. There he was, just a few steps across the road, one that her soul had been seeking from the beginning of time itself.

Her feet moved towards him, she walked with an enthralling sway, as though mesmerised by her Svengali. It seemed like forever, those ten steps across the busy street. People scurried to make way for her, clearing her path.

His eyes beckoned her, closer; she could see them lucidly. Green and gold, with horizontal black slits for pupils.

They reminded her of the eyes of reptiles, ever alert, ever predatory. If anything, this propelled her to move faster towards him.

Finally, after what felt like a million lives; she reached him. Her love.

With a breathless whisper, and shaky hands, she touched his warm, almost hot hand, and said, “Hi, my name is Eve.”

He smiled, a knowing smile, “And I am called Satan. Would you like some apple?”

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