With bloody hands I waved “goodbye”

I painstakingly plucked out bloody feathers from the turkey. It was time to wring it’s leg, twist and then chop. This needed to be done with finesse, after all it was Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Laura came running from the bedroom, to get to her phone, that had been ringing incessantly. She picked it and ran inside our room. She had been doing that a lot lately, running to dark corners with her phone, whispering. She thought I was stupid, I did not understand. I also knew what her friends thought about me, that I was slow in the head. Isn’t that why I was a stay at home dad?


A 6.5 feet, giant of a man, who couldn’t even get a job. Who spoke slow, in slurs and could not use big words.

I grabbed the turkey leg, twisted hard and yanked it out of the socket. I imagined doing that to the beautiful long legs of my cheating wife. Wasn’t that what Laura always said in bed, “Baby, you are so damn strong, you could break me in a snap!”

Laura finished plotting her next rendezvous with that marriage ruining, family breaking asshole. She stepped out and started wearing her boots. She was going to leave me here with the kids and a handicapped turkey.
I twisted and yanked out another limb, before using both my hands to slowly crush the turkey’s bones. I then took a slicing knife and started gutting the limp mass in my hands. Somehow, the act gave me great pleasure.

Yes! This was the hell unfaithful whores needed to go through.

I wondered where she met him, in some cheap trashy motel or at his home. Was he married or some single vagabond?

Laura kissed the kids and walked up to me. I was readying the turkey for it’s final fall from grace. I imagined Laura suffering the same fate, imagined myself as the punisher in black leather overalls. A sliver of guilty pleasure coursed through my big body. She gave me a big kiss and handed me a set of keys. She whispered into my ears, “Tonight, arrange for a babysitter and come to the Waldorf, room 302. I will be waiting for you with nothing but my stilettos on.”

Laura looked up at me and winked in delight. My eyes widened and heart galloped at the thought of Laura naked.

I twisted the turkey’s neck and instead of neatly chopping it off, I yanked it hard. Blood sprayed onto my hands and on the slab.

“And I will be wearing only black leather…baby!” I spoke. Yes, it was my brute strength that excited her so. And tonight I was going to give it to her, with no holds barred. She laughed and walked away swinging her hips.

And with my bloody hands, I waved her goodbye.

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